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ANKASAN has 3500 m2 facility that located at Baskent Organized Industrial zone in district of Temelli, ANKARA.

ANKASAN is one of the Turkey's leading medium-sized foundry, has an annual single-shift production capacity of 2500 tons.

ANKASAN is solution partner with leader companies in their sector with its 40 years talented, experienced personnel.

Persistence, performance, and perseverance brought success to ANKASAN as which, is now one of the growing companies in its sector. This is possible with ability to apply following principles in production line;
  • Customer-oriented,
  • Flexible production concept,
  • Robust dialogue with customers,
  • Innovative and competitive structure.

ANKASAN began first exports in 1992 and now exporting 90% of production to the European Union countries.

ANKASAN has capability to produce Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel Casting, has also capability of machining of its 50% production.

ANKASAN has also Quality Management Certification which is TSE EN ISO 9001:2008. You can find our certification in Quality link.

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